...explaining the Warminster Town Council organisation

The main committee of the Council is Full Council made up of all thirteen members and chaired by the Mayor. The Mayor for the municipal year 2016–2017 is Councillor Paul Macfarlane and he stays in office until Monday 15th May 2017. Councillors are summoned to Full Council meetings as a statutory duty. The other committees are formed to establish a method of decision making which is the Councillors' main role. Warminster has four committees but also has a number of working groups to facilitate consultation, ideas and background details to projects it wishes to take up. Suggestions for agenda items can be forwarded to the Town Clerk. It is helpful if agenda items can be submitted at least 10 days in advance of a scheduled meeting to aid preparation.



The Finance & Assets committee manages the Town Council’s budgets to ensure all expenditure is authorised where necessary and income is collected. The committee manages the assets of the town which it owns such as Dewey House, Warminster Civic Centre, 9 bus shelters, 22 seats and benches, 100 hanging baskets and various planters around the town, The Obelisk, War Memorial, Minster and Boreham closed churchyards and Ashley Place amenity space. In addition the Council maintains, whilst renting, the National Trust Field on Boreham Road known as Yeates Meadow.

The Committee members for 2016-2017 are:

  • Paul Batchelor - Chair
  • Steve Dancey
  • Andrew Davis
  • Sue Fraser
  • Keith Humphries
  • George Jolley
  • Pip Ridout - Vice Chair



The Planning Advisory Committee meets almost every three weeks or when necessary to consider all planning applications in the town. Comments are sent to Wiltshire Council as part of their consultation procedure. The aim is to use Planning Law, Policy and Periodic Planning Guidance notes the Core Strategy and emerging Neighbourhood Plan to preserve and enhance the town's character, whilst encouraging its commercial and social vitality.

The Committee Members for 2016-2017 are:

  • Steve Dancey
  • Nick Domkowski
  • Sue Fraser
  • Rob Fryer
  • Steve Jeffries
  • George Jolley - Chair
  • Paul Macdonald - Vice Chair




The HR Committee is responsible for all staffing matters for the whole Council group and includes all training and development matters including elected members. The Committee will also be responsible for all Health & Safety issues and the relevant required risk assessments.

Membership is the Mayor and Deputy Mayor plus Chairs of Town Development, Planning Advisory and Finance and Assetsl committees.



The Town Development Committee co-ordinates all Transport, Highways and Environmental issues in the Town. These include play areas, lighting, road maintenance, new Highway projects and speed limits. In addition it is the parent committee for the production of the Neighbourhood Plan and the CCTV operation.

The Committee Members for 2016-2017 are:

  • Jamie Cullen
  • Andrew Davis
  • Nick Dombkowski
  • Sue Fraser - Chair
  • Rob Fryer - Vice Chair
  • Keith Humphries
  • Paul Macdonald

Advisers co-opted to the Committee

  • W Parks
  • A Nicklin
  • Len Turner











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