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Warminster Town Council: Delivering a brighter, greener future for all

Meet Your Councillors and Town Clerk

The council is comprised of 13 councillors. The current council was elected on 6th May 2021. These council members will continue to hold office until May 2025. Councillor Stacie Allensby was voted Mayor of Warminster, with Cllr Andrew Cooper, the Deputy Mayor, on the 13th May 2024 at the Annual Town Meeting, held at the Civic Centre. 


Details of all members interests can be found on Wiltshire Council’s website

Broadway WardNorth WardEast WardWest Ward
Andrew CooperSteve JeffriesDenis BrettStacie Allensby
Russell HawkerBill ParksAndrew DavisSue Fraser
James KirkwoodJack JonesPhil Keeble
Chris RobbinsPaul Macfarlane

The Mayor of Warminster

If you would like to invite the Mayor to attend your local function please contact us or send a letter to the Town Clerk at Warminster Civic Centre, giving details, dates and times of your event.

Councillors & Town Clerk

  • Andrew Cooper

    Andrew Cooper

    2024/25 Deputy Mayor Finance & Audit/ Highways Advisory/ Parks & Estate 

    Address: 27 St Andrews Road, Warminster, Wiltshire, BA12 8ES

  • Town Clerk Tom Dommett

    Tom Dommett

    Town Clerk



    Address: Warminster Town Council, Warminster Civic Centre, Sambourne Road, Warminster, Wiltshire,        BA12 8LB

  • Denis Brett

    Denis Brett

    Finance & Audit/ Parks & Estate


    Address: 50 Gipsy Lane, Warminster, Wiltshire, BA12 9LR

  • Councillor Andrew Davis

    Andrew Davis

    Highways Advisory/ Town Development/ Unitary Councillor           

    Address: 13 The Ridgeway, Warminster, Wiltshire,     BA12 9NG

  • Sue Fraser

    Sue Fraser

    Highways Advisory/ Parks & Estate/ Planning Advisory


    Address: 6 Masefield Road, Warminster, Wiltshire,     BA12 8HN

  • Councillor Russell Hawker

    Russell Hawker

    Planning Advisory/ Town Development


    Address: 23 Saturn Close, Warminster, Wiltshire,        BA12 8GP

  • Mayor Steve Jeffries

    Steve Jeffries

    Finance & Audit/ Parks & Estate/ Planning Advisory


    Address: 9 Beech Grove, Warminster, Wiltshire,          BA12 0AB

  • Councillor Jack Jones

    Jack Jones

    Parks & Estate/ Town Development


    Address: 1 Quantock Close, Warminster, Wiltshire,    BA12 8RQ

  • Philip Keeble

    Philip Keeble

    Finance & Audit/ Planning Advisory/ Town Development


    Address: 2 Freesia Close, Warminster, Wiltshire,          BA12 7RL

  • Councillor James Kirkwood

    James Kirkwood

    Highways Advisory/ Planning Advisory/ Town Development


    Address: 48 Ashley Place, Warminster, Wiltshire,          BA12 9QJ

  • Paul Macfarlane

    Paul Macfarlane

    Finance & Audit/ Parks & Estate/ Town Development


    Address: 49 Highbury Park, Warminster, Wiltshire,      BA12 9JE

  • Bill Parks

    Bill Parks

    Highways Advisory/ Unitary Councillor


    Address: 2b Prestbury Drive, Warminster, Wiltshire,    BA12 9LB

  • Chris Robbins

    Chris Robbins

    Finance & Audit/ Planning Advisory/ Town Development


    Address: 3 Heronslade, Warminster, Wiltshire, BA12 9HR

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For complaints about a councillor/council member, please visit:

Our Staff Structure & Organisational Chart

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