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13th February 2017 - Planning Advisory Committee  
Topics covered:
Dorothy Walk, Victoria Road, Bath Road
Download PDF's:
Agenda (2.8mb)
Minutes (585kb)

6th February 2017 - Town Development  
Topics covered:
Boreham Road Traffic Speed, The Close, West Street
Download PDF's:
Agenda (2.7mb)
Minutes (569kb)

30th January 2017 - HR  
Topics covered:
Health and Safety
Download PDF's:
Agenda (1.5mb)
Minutes (651kb)

23rd January 2017 - Planning Advisory Committee  
Topics covered:
Victoria Road, Elm Hill, Portway
Download PDF's:
Agenda (3.2mb)
Minutes (583kb)
Adendum (483kb)

16th January 2017 - Full Council  
Topics covered:
Budget 2017/2018
Download PDF's:
Agenda (7.3mb)
Minutes (576kb)

3rd January 2017 - Finance & Assets  
Topics covered:
Draft Budget, Devolved Services, Dewey Trust
Download PDF's:
Agenda (8.6mb)
Minutes (1.7mb)

3rd January 2017 - HR  
Topics covered:
Appointment of Town Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer
Download PDF's:
Agenda (629kb)
Minutes (226kb)

12th December 2016 - Planning Advisory Committee  
Topics covered:
Outline Planning residential development of 135 dwellings Borham Place, Land at Home Farm
Download PDF's:
Agenda (2mb)
Minutes (599kb)

5th December 2016 - Town Development  
Topics covered:
Neighbourhood Plan Working Group, Signage Requests, Payphone Consultation
Download PDF's:
Agenda (17.1mb)
Minutes (588kb)

21st November 2016 - Full Council  
Topics covered:
Draft Budget, Annual Report, Neighbourhood Plan
Download PDF's:
Agenda (10.9mb)
Minutes (449kb)

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