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14th August 2012

Town Council to take over responsibility for allotments

Warminster allotments are currently managed by the Tynings Allotment Association who have a rental agreement with Wiltshire Council, the owners of the site. Wiltshire Council has recently approached the Town Council to establish whether the town would be interested in taking over ownership of the site. It was agreed at the Town Development meeting on 6th August that it would be sensible for the town to take ownership of the asset but to continue to entrust the running of the site to Tynings Allotment Association who have a well-run organization and committee in place with a proven track record.
Discussions also took place on transferring Warminster Common to Town Council ownership. However, this would necessitate additional contractual arrangements to cut the grass and empty the bins, and further discussions need to take place to establish the level of these costs before a decision can be made.

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