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29th November 2013

Pump Track Gets Public Support

In January this year the Town Development Committee gave its support in principle to Warminster Cycle Groupís request to build an all-weather cycle pump track, provided the group could demonstrate sufficient public interest. At its meeting on Monday 25 November the Committee were advised that the Cycle Group had obtained 570 signatures from members of the public who wished to see the project brought to fruition, and also had quotations from builders for the cost of the work involved. Speaking at the meeting Colin French said he had been involved in discussions with Wiltshire Council about the possibility of locating the pump track on the piece of land adjoining the town park, and they had indicated that they would be interested in taking this forward. He hoped the Town Council would give it their backing.
The councillors were pleased to see the public interest in this project, and agreed to continue to give it their support in principle. The next steps will be to negotiate with the landowners to identify and confirm a suitable location for the pump track, and to draw up a full set of costings.

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