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‘Epic’ skatepark jam in Warminster

28 May 2024

The Warminster skatepark jam was a huge success for all ages on Saturday 25th May, run by Maverick Skateparks and Rubicon – hosted at the Lake Pleasure Grounds.

The well attended event, paid for by Warminster Town Council, catered for skateboards, BMXs and scooters.

The day had a brilliant atmosphere, with talent on show and all ages working together to take part in the event which featured music, rider demonstrations, competitions and prizes. Food was available from Hickory Henry’s as well as Royal Sweet Mix.

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A Maverick Skateparks spokesperson said: “Thank you Warminster. Huge thanks to everyone who showed up at the skatepark jam in Warminster. Shout-out to ALL the competitors, pros, sponsors, volunteers and spectators – you all made it epic.”

A Warminster Town Council spokesperson said: “Thanks very much to Maverick Skateparks for running a brilliant event. It was great to see so many residents coming to the Warminster Lake Pleasure Grounds. We remain committed to helping put on events for all ages in Warminster and hope to put on another skating event soon.”

Last modified: 13 June 2024

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