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Tennis Courts reopen after transformation

26 May 2023

Warminster Town Council are delighted to announce the tennis courts in the Lake Pleasure Grounds will be reopening on Tuesday the 30th of May.  Booking can be made as of today, Friday 26th May.

The surface of the courts has been transformed to a far higher specification and painted a dazzling blue and green. New fencing has been installed and a gate-access system added which will work in accordance with the new online booking system.

The online booking will be found via the LTA website: ‘’ and via Warminster Town Council dedicated booking platform or on an app. This will make it easy to find and book a court at the Lake Pleasure Grounds. A year’s membership costs £40 and allow for up to 4 hours per week playtime. However, anyone wishing to use it without a membership can pay £6 for a single court for an hour.

Income from bookings will be ringfenced and used to maintain the courts to the new high standard.

The Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) is free to use and is ideal for football and basketball.  It is open from 26th May.

The Council are talks with a number of coaches about them by offering lessons and coaching. There has also been an expression of interest from locals wishing to form a Warminster Tennis Club.

As part of its commitment to social inclusion, the Council will also be bringing forward plans for free use of the courts at various times. Details to be announced soon.

The renovation of the Tennis Courts has been an objective of Warminster Town Council since they took on ownership of the Lake Pleasure Grounds in 2016. Together the investment in the skatepark, the splashpad and the pavilion café, it is another step in improving the Park.

Warminster Town Council and the LTA have invested £241,000 in order to renovate the five tennis courts and the Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) for the benefit of the local community. The LTA contributing sum of £127,000 and the Council invested £114,000 from the Section 106 developer contributions and earmarked capital reserves. 

Thank you for the patience and we hope you enjoy the renovation.

Links for further information and booking:

Last modified: 11 September 2023

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