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Warminster Town Council: Delivering a brighter, greener future for all

Town Council Annual Report Available

27 March 2023

Warminster Town Councils Annual Report is now available for the public to read. The report can be downloaded from the town council’s website:  or paper copies can be obtained at the Civic Centre.  The Annual Report looks back over the last 12 months of activity by the town council. The Annual Report includes: a check list of the town councils’ responsibilities, reports from the various committees, information about the Civic Centre and events, a financial report, volunteering opportunities and contact details for town councillors.

The Mayor of Warminster, Councillor Chris Robbins has written an introduction to the report, this is set out below.                      

“Another busy year has come to an end, not only have the town council continued to provide good service to the town, but a number of major projects have been completed and initiated. Among these are the completion and opening of the Space Themed Splash Pad. This facility has proved to be extremely popular and along with our Skatepark, is the envy of many towns. We have recently been successful in organising a joint project with the Lawn Tennis Association to upgrade our tennis courts, indeed work has already started as from mid-March 2023. Hopefully all will be in place before Wimbledon and our Spring In the Park event.”

“I am pleased to report the Lake Pleasure Grounds have again been awarded Green Flag Status, indeed the park is a wonderful asset for the Warminster community. A decision was made to renew the CCTV. We now have new modern high definition cameras which have replaced the original equipment.”

“Another major project taking much time and resources is the renewal and upgrading of the Neighbourhood Plan. This is well under way now and the final document will help pave the way for the development of Warminster in many ways, whether planning issues, heritage, commerce, green spaces and more. It’s at the consultation stage now.”

“On September 8th 2022, very sad news was received that HM Queen Elizabeth II had passed away. The Warminster community joined the rest of the country in mourning and many a church service was attended to offer our prayers and thanks for the monarch’s life of service to us all.  As Mayor I was very proud to read the Kings’ Proclamation from the steps of the Council Offices, aided by the WCR broadcasting facilities so all could hear. Other events include Remembrance Day, Christmas Lights Switch On, the wonderful Carnival procession, Shop Window Competition, the Civic Awards and representing Warminster and our council many times.”
“The finances of the town council are in good shape which allowed the council to not increase our portion of the Council Tax, all councillors were pleased to support this approach. The council is committed to find the most sustainable methods of providing services and by reducing our carbon footprint as we go along, but this does take time and resources. We recognise there is still much work to be done but I must praise and thank my fellow councillors, the very welcome volunteers, our managers and staff for what we have achieved thus far.”

Last modified: 27 March 2023

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