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Town councillors renew objection to Bore Hill Farm planning application

19 June 2024

Warminster Town Councillors continue to oppose planning for 84 dwellings, associated landscaping and access and drainage works on land at Bore Hill Farm, Deverill Road, Warminster.

Councillors discussed the proposal at the Planning Advisory Committee meeting on Monday 17th June 2024, with concerns raised due to potential overdevelopment of the site as well as a lack of facilities to meet the demands of the new properties.

It was noted that many of the statutory authorities had already objected to the application citing the proximity to the Malaby Biodigester and proposals for a bulk energy storage system, raised by the Environment Agency. Concerns were also raised over potential problems with drainage and access.

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Members unanimously objected to the application on the same grounds to which they had objected to the previous planning applications adding their objection to the bulk energy storage system and its associated environmental risks.

The comments from Warminster Town Council are only advisory, any decision on whether to grant planning permission and any associated conditions will be made by Wiltshire Council.

For more information contact Warminster Town Council, Tel: 01985 214847 or email:

Last modified: 19 June 2024

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