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Flooding and Resilience Plan


Flooding is an increasing problem across the UK therefore, it is important that property owners are aware of the potential flood risks and take appropriate measures to protect themselves.  

Detailed below are some useful points, including links to further information.  

Property Owner Responsibilities: 

Property owners are responsible for looking after their own property, including the risks of water entering it and of causing damage. Therefore, it is important that people are aware of their flood risk and take measures to protect themselves. 

The drainage pipes located beneath a property, garden or driveway belong to the property owner and are therefore the owner’s responsibility. Drainage pipes cease being the property owner’s responsibility once they reach outside of the property boundary and/or connect to pipes serving another property.  

People who own land or property next to a river, stream, or ditch are considered a “riparian” owner and as such have rights and responsibilities for the watercourse. Further information can be downloaded from the Environment Agency guidance: 

Assess Your Risk  

To check whether your property or business is at risk of flooding from river or surface water visit the Environment Agency website. Click here for more information.  

Be Prepared 

If your property is at risk of flooding, it is advised that you sign-up to the Environment Agency’s free flood warning service so you can take steps to secure your property if heavy rain or river flooding is expected. Click here for more information.  

Create a Personal Flood Plan  

If you live in a flood risk area, do what you can now to prepare for a flood. Don’t wait until it happens; you may not have time. Click here for more information. 

Know Your Flood Warning Codes  

There are four codes used for flood warnings. They can be issued in any order, usually ending with an ‘all clear’ code. Click here for more information.  

Report Flooding  

If you experience internal flooding to your property or a ‘high speed’ road has been flooded, please report details to Wiltshire Council via  MyWilts online reporting or 0300 4560105. As Wiltshire Council are the lead local authority for flooding, they should be contacted in the first instance.  

Internal property flooding should also be reported to Warminster Town Council by completing this form. This will enable the town council to gain an overview of the impact of the flooding. The information collated will be shared with the relevant statutory bodies such as the Environment Agency, Wiltshire Council and Wessex Water.  

Key Organisations Responsibilities:  

Wiltshire Council  

Responsible for coordinating flood risk management in Wiltshire. They are responsible for managing the risk of flooding from surface water, groundwater, and ordinary watercourses and lead on community recovery. They are also responsible for maintaining a register of flood risk assets and surface water risk. If a flood happens, all local authorities must have plans in place to respond to emergencies. 

Warminster Town Council  

Responsible for producing and reviewing the Warminster Flood Plan. The town council also recruits and oversees the co-ordination of the town’s flood wardens. The town council holds a limited supply of ‘gel sacks’ (like sandbags) which can be distributed on a ‘needs’ basis to properties at imminent risk of flooding. Vulnerable people will be prioritised. 

Environment Agency 

Responsible for taking a strategic overview of the management of all sources of flooding and are responsible for managing the risk of flooding from main rivers, reservoirs, estuaries, and the sea. They issue flood warnings through Floodline and they provide information on areas at risk of river flooding through flood risk maps. 

National Highways (formerly Highways England)  

Responsible for maintaining and managing the local highway network, including the A36 Warminster by-pass. The balancing ponds near Deverill Road and Grovelands are also the responsibility of National Highways. All other roads are the responsibility of Wiltshire Council.  

Water and Sewage Companies  

Water and sewerage companies are responsible for managing the risks of flooding from piped water and foul or combined sewer systems providing drainage from buildings and yards. 

Interested in Becoming a Volunteer Flood Warden? 

Warminster Town Council are always keen to recruit additional flood wardens. The role of a flood warden includes: 

  • Reporting blocked gullies, ditches and streams
  • Recording details of when heavy rain occurs so better preventative measures can be put in place
  • Supporting residents by directing them to where they can get advice

Full training will be provided together with protective equipment and clothing. If you’re interested in joining the team, please pop along to the Civic Centre, call 01985 214847 or email


Warminster Town Council (WTC) adopted a community Resilience Plan in December 2023 with the purpose of providing a local co-ordinated response to support statutory authorities and the emergency services to a variety of emergency situations. The plan will be reviewed annually.

The plan will be activated when an emergency has occurred or if warnings are received prior to an anticipated event. It will also be activated when emergency services need support or are not able to attend immediately e.g., in severe weather.

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