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Neighbourhood Plan

Warminster Neighbourhood Plan Post-Referendum

Following the successful Yes vote at the referendum (1660 in favour, 477 against, 3 spoilt papers) Wiltshire Council confirmed that Warminster’s Neighbourhood Plan was Made on 24th November 2016. The Made plan and the decision statement can be found below:

The final Decision Statement from Wiltshire Council can be found below:

2022 Update and Review of the Neighbourhood Plan 

Much has happened since November 2016, and it’s important that the Plan stays up-to-date and relevant. We are therefore undertaking a refresh and review of the Warminster Neighbourhood Plan. 

Updating the Neighbourhood Plan provides a significant opportunity for local people to update their ‘shared vision’ for the future development in the area. The issues the Plan can cover can be anything from local housing, good design in new development, green spaces and biodiversity, community facilities, local heritage, town centre regeneration and local employment. 

2023 Warminster Neighbourhood Plan Review March/April Informal Consultation

Over the last year, local volunteers have been working on collecting information and evidence to update the current Warminster Neighbourhood Plan. As this document is specifically related to the planning policies for Warminster, it will help shape the future vision and development of the town.

During March and April 2023, the local community were invited to contribute by providing their thoughts and feedback on the draft Neighbourhood Plan and the data collected. In addition to an overview survey there were also a range of topic specific surveys conducted regarding community facilities, local green spaces and the town centre. More than 1,300 surveys were completed and the majority of responses received were supportive of the development plans. The data collected from this consultation will be taken into consideration when updating the draft plan.

For further information regarding the March/April informal consultation, please see:

Wiltshire Council Local Plan

Wiltshire Council’s Local Plan sets out the vision and framework for housing, infrastructure, and land for employment growth in Wiltshire for the next 15 years. The Plan has a designated section on Warminster, dealing with issues directly affecting Warminster such as housing supply, supporting the town centre, education, and climate change.

Find out more on the website for Wiltshire Council’s Local Plan:

2023 Warminster Neighbourhood Plan Review Regulation 14

Public consultation on the draft Warminster Neighbourhood Plan will begin in early 2024.

Find out more on the website for the Warminster Neighbourhood Plan: 

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