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Town Plan

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The Town Plan for Warminster has been produced to guide development in the town. Interest in developing a plan started in 2005 when partners of the Council got together to form a working group. It determined that in the past, Warminster had lacked a formal view of how the town could move forward in the future.

Warminster… a strong, vibrant and sustainable market town.

The first stage of the process was to produce a Vision and Scoping document in 2008 based on evidence provided by local people, groups and stakeholders. This document is reproduced below, along with the final draft of the Town Plan. 

The consultation process has now been completed and the result put before the Council on 19th September 2011. It is now intended to take this plan forward by working with Wiltshire Council and getting the document accepted as a Supplementary Planning Document. Any potential developers will be able to identify the areas for development within the town and have an opportunity to discuss these at local level before submitting definitive plans. Five years of consultations have satisfied many of the comments by the public and overall the plan has been supported. It is hoped to adopt the plan officially through Witlshire Council running in parrallell with their proposed Core Strategy.

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