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Neighbourhood Plan April 2024 update

15 April 2024

Work continues with the ongoing review of the Warminster Neighbourhood Plan (WNP). Good progress has been made by the Steering Group in drafting the Plan document itself and working on important elements such as the protection of green spaces through the Plan.

With recent changes to national planning policy by the government, the WNP Steering Group has decided to explore Site Allocation as part of the review process.

Site Allocation is the process of designating specific areas or sites for particular land uses such as residential purposes. One of the key changes in the national policy extends the protection period from speculative development to five years for Neighbourhood Plans that allocate a site to meet housing requirements. This is up from the previous two years.

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The first phase of the Site Allocation process involves issuing a Call for Sites. This step aims to compile an initial list of potential development sites within the parish boundary. Landowners and members of the public are encouraged to submit their suggestions for consideration.

Proposed sites will then undergo a thorough evaluation based on an established assessment criteria. Only those that are assessed to be potentially suitable for housing, and that could meet our local objectives and need, will be progressed to stages where our community will have their say on allocation. As the WNP will be voted on at referendum, community input and support are fundamental to the Plan.

Further details regarding the Site Allocation process and how residents can participate will be released in the coming weeks. In the meantime, individuals interested in receiving further information are encouraged to sign-up by emailing

Councillor Phil Keeble, Chair of the WNP Steering Group, emphasised the importance of community involvement in the Neighbourhood Plan review, stating,

This process presents an invaluable opportunity for residents and stakeholders to contribute to the long-term vision for Warminster. By working together, we can ensure that future development is aligned with our shared values and aspirations for the town.

For more information and updates on the Warminster Neighbourhood Plan review, please visit the Warminster Neighbourhood Plan website

Last modified: 15 April 2024

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