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Town council contributes significant investment towards Warminster Town Football Club floodlights  

18 January 2024

Warminster Town Councillors will give Warminster Town Football Club £30,000 from the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) to replace existing flood lighting at the Weymouth Street ground.

The decision was unanimously made by councillors at a Full Council meeting on Monday 15th January and will help grow youth projects at the popular club.

The CIL Working Group carefully considered the proposal following discussions with Warminster Town Football Club. The existing floodlights are costly to run and not environmentally friendly. They are also difficult to repair and won’t meet required standards shortly.

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The money will be given on a condition that Warminster Town Football Club contributes a minimum of £10,000 towards the cost. The council also requires Warminster Town Football Club to report back to the town council about the completion of the project and going forward to submit annual reports about its activities to the town council, particularly with regard to community involvement and youth engagement in respect of use of the pitch and floodlights. The floodlighting must also meet dark skies requirements.

Cllr Keeble said:

It’s a good use of CIL money, Warminster Town Football Club do lots of good work with youth engagement. It is good news for the town and great for sport.”

Members recorded their thanks to Warminster Town Football Club for their work on the application and to the ten members who had agreed to loan the club £1,000 each on an interest free basis to fund the club’s contribution.

Warminster Town Football Club, Weymouth Street, Warminster, BA12 9NS

Last modified: 19 January 2024

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