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Town council refer possible road closure of Smallbrook Road to Wiltshire Council for a decision

28 March 2024

Warminster Town Council will apply to Wiltshire Council for the closure of Smallbrook Road – a road used during toad migration season. Toads are known to cross Smallbrook Road as they head back to their breeding pond.

The cost of the application to Wiltshire Council is expected to be around £5,000, with funding to come from General Reserves following a decision at a Full Council meeting on Monday 25th March.

The decision of whether to proceed with the road closure can only be made by Wiltshire Council and they will balance the case made for the road closure, any opposition or suggested amendments, and any other considerations before making a decision.

The process is set to be a lengthy one and will be subject to a formal public consultation.

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Last modified: 28 March 2024

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