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First stages of work at Copheap Memorial restoration complete with resurfacing of tarmac path scheduled

18 January 2024

The first stage of the extensive restoration of the well-known Copheap Memorial has been completed. Much-needed restoration work began with vital tree work at the site. This has now been  completed and retarmacking of the path is scheduled to take place at the end of January 2024.

Warminster Town Council maintains the Copheap Memorial – and trees at the site have had work carried out and will continue to be looked after as the council remains committed to protecting and enhancing its assets – part of a wider town council pledge to maintain pride in Warminster.

The Copheap Memorial is attached to a popular pathway, which gets frequent use. The memorial itself was built between 1949-50 by the then Warminster Urban District Council, largely at the instigation of Mr Harold Dewey, a well-known local teacher and councillor.

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The design is said to have been created by the Wiltshire Regiment of Old Comrades and the Royal Artillery Association.

Cllr Bill Parks, Finance and Audit/ Parks and Estate/ Unitary Councillor (North), said: “I’ve been a long-time supporter of maintaining and improving the Copheap Memorial and have previously conducted a preliminary visit to the site and established it required multiple contractors to restore it effectively. I’m glad the restoration work has began.

“It serves as an everlasting tribute of pride and gratitude to the people of Warminster who gave their lives in the World Wars.

“Mr. Dewey’s will explicitly stated that ‘The trustees shall ensure that provision is made out of my Residual Estate for the repair and improvement (including the provision of flowering shrubs and seats) in or at the Copheap Memorial at Warminster and the pathway of Remembrance leading thereto.’ Owing to Warminster’s strong military connection, town councillors believe it is an important task to undertake upkeep of its memorial sites.”

Funding for the restoration will come from the Dewey Trust.

The Copheap Memorial is undergoing some much-needed restoration works

Last modified: 18 January 2024

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