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Warminster Town Council recommends low increase in Council Tax for 2024/2025

7 November 2023

The draft budget for Warminster Town Council recommends a well below inflation increase in Council Tax for the 2024/2025 financial year.

Based on figures presented to the council’s Finance and Audit Committee on Monday 6th November, Warminster Town Council’s share of the Council Tax per Band D equivalent property would rise from £212.82 to £216.50, an increase of £3.68.

This represents a change of only 1.73% compared with the current year. As typical properties in Warminster are Band C or below and some households receive discounts, the actual increase for most households would be slightly less.

The exact figures will be confirmed when the final budget goes to Full Council for approval in January 2024, but it is expected that it will be in line with the draft budget.

Councillor Andrew Cooper, Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee said:

People have been through a tough financial time these last few years. I am delighted that we are able to recommend a well below inflation rise for the Town Council’s share of Wiltshire Council’s council tax bill for 2024/2025.

The Town Council has delivered some major projects at minimal cost to the council taxpayer. This year, for example, has seen a huge upgrade to the CCTV system and the Tennis Courts.

We are fortunate that the Council has been protected by securing long term fixed rates deals on its energy supplies. We will continue to seek out value for money and provide quality services in the year ahead.”

The Town Council sets only a small part of Wiltshire’s Council Tax; the majority of the Council Tax charged goes to Wiltshire Council, with other sums going to the Police and Crime Commissioner, the Fire and Rescue Authority, and to support adult social care in the county.

Last modified: 19 December 2023

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