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Councillors seek further information on potential road closure for toad migration season

17 January 2024

Warminster Town Councillors will seek further information and explore possible alternatives before pursuing a potential road closure of Smallbrook Road, Warminster.

Councillors considered the results of an informal public consultation and petition for a potential 24 hours a day road closure during toad migration season for part of Smallbrook Road, Warminster from 14th February to 13th March 2025. The decision was reached following a debate by councillors at a Full Council meeting on Monday 15th January.

A decision was made to defer asking Wiltshire Council to implement the road closure and investigate further options such as a toad fence, with stakeholders including Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, Sustainable Warminster and to investigate funding sources, with results to be discussed at the next Full council meeting on Monday 25th March.

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Councillor Steve Jeffries, Finance and Audit/Planning Advisory Committee (North) said:

There is no doubt something needs to be done to help protect the toads however we do have time to look at options, alternative proposals, and discuss with other key stakeholders. We need to look at the cost in detail and see exactly what the liability is. I think we need more information, so the best decision can be made for the toads and for Warminster Town Council.”

Town councillors do not have the power to introduce a road closure but can submit a request to Wiltshire Council. The decision of whether to proceed with the road closure can only be made by Wiltshire Council. Wiltshire Council would charge around £5,000 to investigate the potential road closure and then there would be an annual cost of closing the road, if approved.

Last modified: 18 January 2024

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