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Alternatives considered to replace Warminster Parking Partnership

15 September 2023

Warminster Town Council is seeking an alternative to the Warminster Parking Partnership with the scheme set to conclude on 31st March 2024.

The Parking Partnership currently reimburses customers for up to two hours of parking in the town and shoppers can obtain a refund by handing in the voucher portion of their parking tickets to a participating retailer.

Councillors were informed of potential problems with the scheme including visitors using a parking app, so not obtaining a ticket. Viable alternative options were discussed as part of the Town Development Committee held on 11th September with the aim of benefiting more shoppers and the visitors to the town.

Alternative Ideas included a suggestion from Matt Towl, from the Warminster Business Network, for a loyalty card where shoppers would be entered into a monthly prize draw. Further ideas are welcome and will be explored with a report back to the committee in December.

Cllr Robbins, said:

At a meeting of the Town Development Committee a discussion was held to consider the future of the Warminster Parking Partnership. The scheme was designed to encourage shoppers to frequent local shops and claim back the first and second hour parking charge.”

The car parks in Warminster are owned by Wiltshire Council, and a wider conversation on Wiltshire Council’s parking policy in the town was also discussed.

It was decided to leave the Warminster Parking Partnership in place until the end of the financial year and in the meantime consider other ideas.

Last modified: 15 September 2023

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