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Residents encouraged to help maintain local Rights of Way around Warminster this summer

19 June 2024

Warminster Town Council is reminding owners about their responsibilities and the importance of maintaining local rights of way following discussions at a Town Development meeting of the council.

Residents are once again being encouraged to help maintain rights of way by cutting back overhanging branches and stopping other vegetation such as brambles, nettles and bracken from encroaching onto paths ahead of the summer months.

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Nigel Linge, member of Wiltshire Countryside Access Forum and Rights of Way Coordinator for Salisbury Plain said: “Public rights of way and access to the countryside are really important and Warminster is lucky to have 76 rights of way, many of which link to neighbouring parishes.

“Wiltshire Council is responsible for nearly 4,000 miles of public rights of way, but staff and budgets have been cut. Sadly, parts of the network are not as well maintained as we would like.

“Warminster Town Council gives a grant to maintain rights of way by funding volunteers to mow some paths and provide destination signs to encourage use of those paths. We hope to cut more paths next year.

“We can all do our part to improve the network. If your land borders a path or pavement and a bush or hedge extends over that path, you have a duty to cut it back to your boundary so that it does not obstruct or narrow that highway.”

For more information contact Warminster Town Council, Tel: 01985 214847 or email:

Last modified: 26 June 2024

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