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Impressive new play park equipment opens in Warminster Lake Pleasure Grounds after significant investment

26 April 2024

Warminster Town Council is delighted to announce the opening of brand-new play park equipment in Warminster Lake Pleasure Grounds, as the town council continues to strengthen its commitment to maintaining and investing in its assets and attracting people to the town.

The previous 30-year-old plus play park equipment has been replaced (as it was at the end of its life cycle) and has been improved with impressive new equipment which officially opened on Friday 26th April.

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Cllr Fraser said:

We are delighted to see the opening of the new play park equipment. It is a long-term investment, and it looks brilliant!

We can’t wait for people to enjoy the new play park and are encouraging young people to come out and try it out, as well as other features in the park including the Splash Pad which will soon reopen.”

For more information contact Warminster Town Council, Tel:  01985 214847 or email:

Last modified: 26 April 2024

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