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Tourism signs updated and replaced as town council strengthens commitment to attracting visitors to Warminster

5 February 2024

Five new brown tourism signs on the outskirts of Warminster have been installed as the town council maintains its commitment to attracting visitors to the town.

Existing signs have been improved and replaced as they were out of date; one sign also needed re-siting as a speed limit sign had been placed directly in front of it.

Warminster Town Council has made these changes to encourage visitors to the town and bring businesses and commerce to the town through economic tourism. It has been demonstrated that this increases by 50% in the summer season.

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The new signs more accurately reflect the facilities on offer in the town, encouraging passing visitors to stop off and use facilities and services in the town centre.

The updated signs represent another part of Warminster Town Council’s wider commitment to maintaining pride and improving assets in the town. The new signs have been paid for by a grant from Wiltshire Council.

Last modified: 5 February 2024

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