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Town council takes steps to secure another pharmacy for Warminster

16 May 2024

Warminster Town Councillors will take action against the current pharmacy availability in the town – this follows personal experience of councillors and concerns from the public that people are spending a significant time queuing for prescriptions.

Warminster currently has two pharmacies, Boots Pharmacy in the Market Place and the Bestway Group’s Well Pharmacy in the Cornmarket. This follows the closure of Boots Pharmacy next to The Avenue GP surgery in October 2023.

Councillors are concerned after reports people had queued up only to find; the prescription is not ready, the prescription is ready but there is no pharmacist, or the pharmacist was there but that the medicine was not available.

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Concerns were also raised – at a Full Council Meeting on Monday 13th May, that the demographics of Warminster haven’t been fully considered following the closing of Boots Pharmacy (next to The Avenue GP surgery) and how it can be difficult for many people to get to the town centre as well as there being a growing population in Warminster.

The council has taken positive action and will write to the Chief Executive of the Integrated Care Board to ensure that they understand the current crisis in Warminster, to request that the ICB step in to resolve the current situation and take urgent steps to secure another pharmacy to meet the undoubted local need.

The council will also write to Sebastian James, CEO Boots UK, to make him aware of the current issue with pharmacy provision in Warminster and request additional resources to resolve the current situation.

Cllr Steve Jeffries said:

Having been personally affected by the significant lack of pharmacy provision in the town, this is why I took the opportunity over the last couple of months to speak with many townsfolk who had to stand queuing both in Boots and Well Pharmacies.

For people with mobility issues, it is unacceptable to have to queue for up to an hour or more simply to collect their prescriptions, especially where other providers are interested in opening an additional pharmacy.

This is why I have asked town council to take positive action and try to help alleviate the current situation.”

For more information contact Warminster Town Council, Tel:  01985 214847 or email:

Last modified: 16 May 2024

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