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£5,000 grant approved for new CCTV cameras

28 March 2024

Warminster Town Council has approved a grant of £5,000 to Selwood Housing, set to go towards the installation of CCTV cameras on the Westleigh Estate in Warminster.

The new CCTV cameras are set to benefit the whole town by reducing crime and acting as a deterrent. Funding is set to come from the General Reserves following a decision made at a Full Council meeting on Monday 25th March.

The request for CCTV was supported by local police, the Headteacher of Princecroft Primary School and residents of Westleigh Estate.

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The Warminster and Westbury CCTV Partnership will not be monitoring the additional CCTV cameras, this will be carried out by Selwood Housing.

For the new CCTV system to be taken to the next stage it will be expected that the Area Board and the Police and Crime Commissioner will also provide money to fund the full project.

Last modified: 8 April 2024

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