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Retiring Town Mayor Cllr Phil Keeble gives thanks after successful year in office

15 May 2024

The retiring Mayor, Cllr Phil Keeble, has passed on his thanks for the privilege of his year in office as well as wishing his successor Cllr Stacie Allensby good luck in her new role as Mayor of Warminster this coming year.

Cllr Stacie Allensby was unanimously elected as Chairman of the Council and Town Mayor for 2024-25 at a Full Council meeting on Monday 13th May.

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Cllr Keeble said: “I would like to thank councillors for allowing me the privilege of my year in office. I have thoroughly enjoyed my year, visiting many organisations and charities and hopefully helping them to raise awareness and funds.

“A year ago, at the start of my term, I stated that my goals were:

“1.  To focus on regeneration of the economy and town centre – and we have made a good start with the hugely successful street market and working closely with the Warminster Business Network on other issues.

“2.  To finalise the Climate Change Action Plan – this has been achieved and our focus now changes to implementation of the plan.

“3.  Completion of the Neighbourhood Plan – excellent progress has been made but due to a change in legislation, we have now decided to include the process for site allocation for housing in the Plan, which will extend this project by some nine months. 

“It has been a busy year and we have achieved so much, including:

“Finally, I would like to thank the officers of the council for their hard work and support to make everything possible and thank Cllr Allensby for her support as my deputy and wish her good luck as Mayor in the coming year.”

Cllr Keeble welcomed a delegation from Warminster, Pennsylvania, USA in September 2023

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Last modified: 15 May 2024

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