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Warminster Town Council: Delivering a brighter, greener future for all

Solar Panel Installation

17 August 2023

Earlier this summer, the Town Council pushed forward a proposal to install solar panels on their property. These have now been setup on both the Civic Centre and the central carpark facilities.

The initiative is part of a drive to make a Net Zero Council by 2030. This is one of the steps Warminster is taking in fulfilling a brighter and greener future. Having made the declaration and adopted the Strategy document in 2020, Councillors have discussed ways in which the town could go forward with becoming more environmentally sustainable and achieve the agreed goals laid out within the Climate Change Strategy document. One obvious option discussed has been the installation of solar panels.

The Council is limited in how many panels it can install due to the town’s electrical capacity and infrastructure, however, the initiative will save the Council thousands of pounds a year. It is estimated that the cost of the solar panels will be paid back in 8 years, meaning the Council will make savings on energy usage for 12-17 years after that, and will therefore substantially reduce its carbon footprint.

The installation in the central carpark is complete and the Civic Centre’s are almost finished. Alternative energy forms are a necessity for ensuring the preservation of our climate and the world’s sustainable future. At present, the solar panels are being installed on all Council owned buildings. Proposals like this are essential for both ensuring a brighter and greener future for Warminster, but also contributing to the broader government mandated push towards sustainable energy sources.

As previously stated, Councillor Steve Jeffries said:

“We need a global shift towards more sustainable sources of energy and Warminster needs to play its part.  This proposal has both financial and environmental benefits to both the town and the environment and will mean a step towards Warminster’s ambitions and provide a brighter and greener future.”

Last modified: 8 September 2023

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