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Town Council full of praise for volunteers

15 March 2022

Warminster Town Councillors have recorded their thanks to two groups of volunteers who have worked closely with the Town Council.

Members of the Council’s Town Development Committee wished to highlight the work of those involved in the Warminster Town Centre Survey of Businesses and the Copheap Volunteers.

The Warminster Town Centre Survey of Businesses is led by Mr Len Turner and has for each of the past 11 years, produced a detailed update on what businesses are operating in Warminster.

The work involved is considerable as over 200 premises are categorised.  The information obtained provides a unique insight into the number of empty premises and the changing nature of shops in the town.

The Copheap Volunteers, led by Mr Nigel Linge, maintain the woodland at Copheap. The wood was brought by public subscription in 1947 to serve as memorial to the Second World War.

Over the past few years, the volunteers have; cleaned the Lych Gate, restored paths, removed rubbish, mended fences, cut back undergrowth and overgrown paths, installed nest boxes, planted trees and more.

Both Mr Turner and Mr Linge were both sent letters of thanks from the Town Council.

Last modified: 15 March 2022

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