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Councillors voice opposition to 205 houses off Westbury Road

21 February 2023

Warminster Town Councillors have again stressed their opposition to a planning application for 205 houses off Westbury Road. 

At a meeting on Monday 20th February, all the members of the Planning Advisory Committee present voted to oppose the application.

Councillor Phil Keeble, Chair of the Planning Advisory Committee said: “Town Councillors have made their opposition clear, these are the wrong houses in the wrong place. This application has hardly changed since it was originally considered in 2021.  All the original reason to oppose this development still stand.  It makes a mockery of the planning process if this sort of outrageous proposal is allowed to go ahead.”

Amongst the points made by Councillors were:

The proposed development is contrary to the national and local planning policy. The development sits outside the Settlement Policy Boundary. Other land is available and allocated for housing so there is no need for this development.  Allowing it would create a dangerous precedent and make it harder to stop similar proposals.

It ignores the existing Neighbourhood Plan, which had been endorsed by the community of Warminster and is out of line with the new Neighbourhood Plan that is being developed.

The proposed development is not in keeping with the existing housing on Westbury Road, being a high density estate on the edge of low density housing.

There is great biodiversity in this area and protected species which would be adversely affected by the development.

The proposed development falls within flood zone 2 & 3, which should not normally be used for housing. The proposed development will have a negative impact on the amenity of other residents by increasing the risk of flooding elsewhere in the town.

The development will cause traffic problems. There would be increased cross town traffic due to the need to access services that sit on the opposite side of town, bringing gridlock to the already congested town centre.

The proposed development will adversely affect the view of and from the hills which are a key cultural and heritage feature of Warminster.

The type of housing proposed will not satisfy local housing needs. The ‘affordable housing’ proposed is beyond the reach of those in housing need.

A decision on the planning application will be made by Wiltshire Council. The Town Council is only a consultee and its views are advisory.

Last modified: 21 February 2023

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