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Councillors oppose plans for nine houses at Bradley Road

21 February 2023

Warminster Town Councillors have opposed plans for nine new houses at Bradley Road.

Councillor Phil Keeble, Chair of the Planning Advisory Committee said: “Town Councillors have a number of concerns that have led us to object to this planning application.”

Amongst the points made by Councillors where:

  • Concerns about access to the site and road safety – particularly the poor visibility of the access onto a road with high traffic speeds.
  • Loss of natural habitat at a time when we are trying to protect and enhance biodiversity.
  • Loss of amenity to nearby properties as the site forms a barrier between Bradley Close and the by-pass and the proposal will result in more traffic noise and fumes reaching them.
  • Overdevelopment of the site in terms of the proposed density and layout, cramming nine properties into a small area.
  • The loss of green fields

A decision on the planning application will be made by Wiltshire Council. The Town Council is only a consultee and its views are advisory.

Last modified: 21 February 2023

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