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Tennis Courts Damage

2 June 2023

Yesterday evening (Thursday 1st June) a group of 11 young people broke into the newly refurbished tennis courts in the Lake Pleasure Grounds and damaged the special surface by riding bicycles on three of the new courts.  Fortunately, it won’t affect play and all courts remain available to book.

Warminster Town Council Town Clerk, Tom Dommett said:

“This was a particularly unnecessary and pointless crime.  We have CCTV footage of those involved, they will be identified and pursued for causing criminal damage. The matter has been passed to the Police. The town council and the community of Warminster will not allow a tiny number of people to get away with this kind of behaviour.”

“We will look at repainting the surface of the courts, which could cost up to £3000, which is not trivial. We urge anyone who see any criminal or anti-social behaviour in the park to report it at the time to the police by phoning 101 or 999.”

Last modified: 2 June 2023

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