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Warminster Council Tax 2022/23

20 January 2022

Warminster Town Councillors voted to increase their share of Council Tax by 2.73%. That works out as £5.65 or 11p a week extra for a Band D property.

The Town Council agreed the increase at their meeting on Monday 17th January. Speaking after the meeting, Councillor Denis Brett, Chairman of the Council’s Finance and Audit Committee said:

“ All Town Councillors are very conscious of the fact that many of our residents are facing difficult financial times. Higher petrol, gas and electricity prices, inflation and the impact of Covid 19 have hit household budgets hard.”

“We know that people don’t want to pay higher council tax, but we are also aware that some of the services the Town Council provides benefit the least well off the most. For example, the Lake Pleasure Grounds has many free to use facilities which are a lifeline to those with children.”

“We have managed to keep to the increase in the Town Council’s share of Council Tax to just £5.65 a year. This is below inflation and yet allows us to meet our commitments. In terms of providing services and contributing to the quality of life in Warminster. The Town Council’s share of Council Tax will now be £212.82 for a band D property”

“The Council’s finances are on a secure footing that means we are ready to meet the challenge of further services being devolved from Wiltshire Council, which we expect to happen this financial year.”

“We will continue to monitor the council’s budget and spending throughout the year to ensure we get value for money.”

Last modified: 20 January 2022

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