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Warminster Town Council freezes its part of Council Tax.

17 January 2023

Warminster Town Council has voted to freeze its part of Council Tax for 2023/24. For a band D property this is £212.82.  That doesn’t mean Council Tax overall is frozen, as Council Tax also goes to Wiltshire Council, the Police and Crime Commissioner and the Fire and Rescue Authority.

The Mayor of Warminster, Councillor Chris Robbins said:

“All councillors are very conscious of the financial problems facing most people after three of the most turbulent years in modern times. An inflation rate increase would have added another £22 or so onto people’s bills, so we have protected them from that.  The Council remains in a strong financial position to continue with delivering its existing services and activities.”

Councillor Robbins added: “We have been fortunate to have received money from the Community Infrastructure Levy, from grants and from the Dewey Trust that has enabled us to deliver some projects at minimal cost to the Council Tax Payer.  In 2022 the major example was the splashpad, a huge success and a great asset for the town. It has also boosted sales at the Pavilion Café.”

“We are fortunate that the Council has been protected by having long term fixed rates deals on its energy supplies. We will continue to seek out value for money and provide quality services in the year ahead.”

Last modified: 17 January 2023

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