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Town Council continues to oppose Damask Way planning application

21 September 2021

A recent meeting of Warminster Town Council’s Planning Advisory Committee (20th September) reaffirmed its opposition to a reserved matters planning application for 28 dwellings on Land East of Damask Way. Planning application reference number 20/07214/REM.

Town Councillors agreed to submit the following objections to Wiltshire Council.

  • Warminster Town Council objects to the development on the grounds that grassland will be lost to the detriment, survival and recovery of many rare plant species, as well as the pollinators and other wildlife that depend upon these environmentally important grasslands.
  • The Council objects to this development on the grounds that there will be a 27% loss of important habitats on the site.
  • The Council retains its previous objections relating to the impact on the Smallbrook SSSI, the River Wylye SAC, the AONB and SLA.
  • The Council also retains its objections relating to the impact this development would have on the Grade 2 Listed Building. (Turnpike Cottage)
  • The Council objects to the access into Upper Marsh Road on the grounds that the road is too narrow, with obstructed sight lines to the east. This will increase the road safety concerns and put pedestrians and motor vehicles in danger from traffic leaving the development.
  • The Council also retains its objection to the retaining wall on the grounds that it is out of character with the area, owing to its size and position.
  • The Council objects to the application on the grounds that rare and nationally scare flora and fauna will be at risk. Examples found on the site include Crab Spider, Subterranean Shiny Black Clown Beetle, Dumpy Leaden Grey Weevil and the Rove Beetle.
  • Objection is made to the intended destruction of an active badger sett sited approximately 10 metres from one of the proposed dwellings
  • Objection is made because the proposals for drainage of surface water and water from roofs are unsuitable and will direct water down the road and increase the risk of flooding elsewhere.
  • All the other statutory consultees are still opposing the proposals as they stand.

Councillor John Syme, Chairman of the Planning Advisory Committee said:

“Members of the Committee were united in their opposition to this planning application.”

Wiltshire Councillor Tony Jackson has ‘called in’ the application, meaning that it will face further scrutiny by Wiltshire Councillors before a decision is made.

– ends –

Attached – Photo of Councillor John Syme, Chairman of Warminster Town Council’s Planning Advisory Committee.For more information contact Tom Dommett, Deputy Town Clerk, Warminster Town Council, Tel:  01985 214847.  email: or Councillor John Syme.

Last modified: 4 November 2021

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