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Town Council Grants

29 June 2023

The Finance and Audit Committee met on Monday 26th June and decided on eleven local organisations and charities to receive the Town Council Grant. The final figure of awarded money ended up totalling £20,467.12.

This year there were an unprecedented twenty-three applications. Congratulations to those who received their requested sum. Here is a little bit about each of the successful candidates:

Warminster and District Amateur Swimming Club: a club celebrating its fiftieth anniversary and offering swimming provision for all ages, with members ranging from eight to ninety. They are going to purchase a new, regulation fulfilling set of diving blocks.

Warminster Area Health and Wellbeing: the organisation aims are combating mental health through provision of volunteering and community inclusion activities. They aim to hold a fair on June 1st 2024 as part of National Volunteers Week and use the money to continually promote their cause.

Open Door Warminster: Open door provides a safe space for those suffering with illness, grief and social vulnerability. They aim to use their funds to expand their chat cafés and services to local people.

Bradley Road Community Garden: A sustainable volunteer run garden that provides free fruit and veg and a sense of wellbeing. Their intention is to make the site more accessible for elderly and wheelchair users.

Grovelands Countryside and Wildlife Volunteers: A community run organisation focused on the upkeep and maintenance of the local environment with the idea to mitigate future flooding. They are going to purchase the necessary equipment to ‘remediate adverse human impact across the site and promote public enjoyment of the area.’

Warminster Action Group: The Group focuses on providing services to isolated, vulnerable and lonely individuals through ensuring peoples’ basic needs are met and accommodated for. Their funding is used for support training for their volunteers, shopping and prescription collection, improvements to their hub and future initiatives involving school uniform provision and recycling.

Alzheimer’s Support Warminster Art Group: The group is aimed at providing community care and support to all those impacted by dementia from patients to carers. Art has been recognised as an exceptionally important part of helping those with dementia, and the group ensures to use its money to continually provide resources and classes for this accommodation.

Carer Support Wiltshire: it is common for carers to feel isolated and lacking in community. Carer Support Wiltshire intends to provide support and guidance to anyone who takes on a care role and give them the constant backup they require to both fulfil their role and have a life for themselves.

Walled Garden Project: open to all children, young people and their families in Warminster who struggle with neurotypical environments, the Walled Garden provides a safe space for children to learn practical skills, enjoy an outdoor environment and build meaningful relationships. They hope to expand their operation to more days a week with more sustainable equipment.

Warminster Community Choir: the local group has been rebuilding since the impacts of Covid and are going to purchase a new PA system to accommodate for the popularity and necessity of their group.

Warminster Flers Twinning Association: the Association welcomes all to celebrate the longstanding relationship with Flers in Normandy. They will be using their money to entertain their French guests in their next visit and providing a subsidy to those who will be hosting these visitors.

We would like to thank everyone who applied this year. It is with great regret that there could not be provision for everyone who submitted a grant. Members debated how best to allocate the up to £23,000 grant budget when the total grants requested came to over £38,000. 

Chairman of the Finance and Audit Committee, Councillor Cooper said: ‘The committee would prioritise grants to those organisations that had not received grants from the Town Council last year and those organisations that did not have significant reserves to draw on. We would like to encourage anyone who did not receive funding this time round explore other options such as The Fudge Trust and Wiltshire Area Board Grants. It was a fierce competition this year with twenty-three applications, so it is with great regret not everyone could receive the grant, but we would like to thank all who took the time to apply.’

Please see links below for the Fudge Trust and Wiltshire Area Board Grants:


Last modified: 29 June 2023

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