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Volcanic Trim Trail gets ready to erupt!

23 November 2021

The new Volcanic Trim Trail in the Lake Pleasure Grounds, Warminster is getting ready to erupt!

Councillor Sue Fraser, Chair of the Parks and Estates Committee who oversees the park said:

“I have spoken to lots of people who are eagerly awaiting the opening of our new lava themed trim trail.  I am thrilled that we are getting so close to this attraction opening. I expect it will be completed by the start of December.”

Commenting on the lava theme, Sue said: “This is an extremely exciting design that will allow children to imagine all sorts of adventures.  Aimed at age range 12 and under, there is a trampoline at the end of the trail and that is a great way to celebrate completing all the tasks and obstacles as you work your way round the trail.”

“This trim trail is built to last and will be excellent value for money. It fits in well with the other attractions in the Lake Pleasure Grounds, which gets better and better each year.”The word “volcano” is derived from the name of an island, Vulcano, in the Mediterranean Sea off Sicily, where people once believed Vulcano was the chimney of the forge of Vulcan — the blacksmith of the Roman gods.

Last modified: 20 December 2021

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