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Council to improve toilet provision in the Lake Pleasure Grounds

30 March 2023

At their full council meeting on Monday 27th March, Warminster Town Councillors voted to improve toilet provision in the Lake Pleasure Grounds.

Due to the increased use of the Lake Pleasure Grounds, partly due to the popularity of the new splash pad and skate park, members felt that the current toilet provision was inadequate, particularly in the peak summer season. (June to August inclusive).  

With the new tennis courts and Multi-use Games Area due to come into use soon, councillors felt action was needed now.

Council officers had previously been asked to look into the options and recommended that the council buy portable toilet provision as this was more cost effective than renting toilets over 12 weeks.

Councillors are looking for a long-term solution to the issue and would like to provide new permanent toilets. However, this is a larger project which will take time to complete, so in the meantime, councillors were happy for the temporary toilets to be installed.  They will be located next to the Pavilion Café.

Councillor Stacie Allensby, Chair of the Parks and Estate Committee said:

“One of the top comments about the existing toilet provision was how far from the play area and splash pad it is especially for young children.  These temporary toilets will double the capacity in the park and reduce the time people spending queueing.”

For more information contact Tom Dommett, Town Clerk and RFO, Warminster Town Council, Tel 01985 214847, email:

Last modified: 5 May 2023

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