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Partnership working continues on flood risk management.

3 April 2023

A multi-agency task group has been working to better understand the problems of flooding in Warminster.  The group has representatives from: the Environment Agency, Wessex Water, Wiltshire Council and Warminster Town Council.

Top of their list were the problems in Fore Street, which has been affected by many flood events over the years. Other areas affected by the flooding included George St, Vicarage St, Furlong, Manor Gardens, Market Place, and flooding around Boreham Road, Bishopstrow was also discussed.

Warminster Town Council surveyed affected residents and the responses were shared with the group. Thanks to work carried out the flood water around Fore Street has been going into the flood storage area on the playing fields in Fore Street.

Councillor Bill Parks, who chairs the task group said: “We are not saying the problems are solved, but that progress has been made. There is more work to do. In particularly we would like to revisit Fore Street in summer to CCTV the drainage network when the water levels are low, and we can fully survey their condition.”

The group is also looking at the wider problems in Warminster. The Environment Agency have appointed consultants to investigate whether there are further options to reduce flood risk. The consultants have started by reviewing all the previous studies, over the last 30 years as well as comparing the latest flood mapping data for the Town.

The problems in Warminster are complex, as with many historic towns, the infrastructure is in some cases very old, it has often been built in a piecemeal fashion and the records and maps aren’t always accurate or reliable. Repairs and improvements to any drainage systems can be expensive, and funding difficult to obtain which is why the group have come together to maximise any opportunities.

The group also acknowledged the part residents have played in reporting flood events, and the need to for residents to keep passing on information about any problems.

Councillor Parks said: “Please continue to send any reports of flooding. Photographs with times and dates of flood events are invaluable when investigating the causes of flooding.  When incidents occur, please send details to This will enable the group to form a more detailed overview of the extent to which flooding impacts our community and to work towards reducing the risk”.

Last modified: 3 April 2023

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