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Warminster Play Areas and the Splash Pad during the Heat Wave

11 August 2022

There is an amber weather warning alert to last until Sunday, due to these predicted high temperatures please be mindful when visiting any of the play areas and the splash pad in Warminster.

The majority of play area equipment and its components are made of metal and have the potential to become very hot during times of extended sunshine and remain hot well into the evening.

All surfaces in the play areas are likely to be hot to the touch. To avoid injury please test the surfaces before and during play to ensure your child’s wellbeing. We would like to remind parents, footwear and sun hats should be worn and to apply sunscreen regularly.

A few weeks ago, when temperatures were predicted to hit 40C we took the decision to keep the splash pad open. We opened earlier so that people could enjoy the splash pad while it was cooler and closed before the heat was at its hottest.  We will remain mindful of the safety of both splashpad uses and our staff, but we have no plans to change the splashpad opening hours during this Amber weather warning.

Last modified: 11 August 2022

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