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Warminster Town Council: Delivering a brighter, greener future for all

Warminster Splash Pad Launch

30 May 2022

Warminster Town Council launched its new space themed splash pad on Monday 30th May at 10am.

The splash pad was opened by Mayor of Warminster, Councillor Chris Robbins.  Speaking before he cut the ribbon, Councillor Robbin said:

“Members, Distinguished Guests, WTC Staff and Members of the Public,

We are gathered here today to officially open our Space themed Splash Pad.

This new facility replaces the paddling pool which was over 70 years old and could no longer be repaired. The Space themed design includes the Sun, Earth, Planets, Stars and Space Craft. There are a number of water features including a blaster, tipping buckets, water jets and a paddling area.

The Splash Pad has been eagerly awaited by both parents and children and I’m sure will bring much enjoyment to hundreds if not thousands of our community over the next 20 years. It’s a fantastic addition to the Lake Pleasure Grounds and makes a great park even better.

My Children used the Paddling pool, now my Grandchildren can use the Splash Pad.

This facility is another major investment in the Lake Pleasure Grounds by the WTC, and if as popular as the Skate Park will be a wonderful addition.

There were many hurdles to overcome, we had to bring in more power to work the pump, a new water connection and build a water storage tank. We have invested in a water recycling system which goes along with our pledge to become a more responsible Council, delivering a brighter greener future for all. We calculated that in 10 years’ time hopefully the savings on water will pay the bill.

This project has been a major investment by the Town Council. A large part of the bill has been financed by the Dewey Trust, and the Community Infrastructure Levy structure payable by developers. (We thank the Trustees of the Dewey Trust for their support)

Finally I wish to praise and thank my fellow Councillors for their considerable efforts, the Staff at WTC for their continued hard work, and our employees who will no doubt keep this facility flowing.

Completion of this project was of course planned just before the celebration of HM Queen’s Platinum weekend of festivities whose reign has outlasted our retired Paddling Pool.

I now declare this Splash Pad Officially open” Users of the splash pad are reminded children must wear swim nappies.  Ordinary nappies must not be worn as these can bloc filters and require the closure of the splash pad. Swim nappies are available from the Pavilion Café in the Lake Pleasure Grounds.  Food and drink must not be consumed on the splash pad. Pets, scooters, bicycles and anything that might damage the safety surface are not allowed.

Imagination, laugher, smiling and being splash are allowed.

Local interest in the splash pad has been huge with people from nearby towns and villages planning trips to Warminster to have a go.  Over 43,000 people have been reached on Facebook in just 4 days!

Last modified: 31 May 2022

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