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Warminster Splash Pad Official Opening Monday 30th May

26 May 2022

Warminster Town Council is launching its new space themed splash pad on Monday 30th May at 10am.

The splash pad will be opened by Mayor of Warminster, Councillor Chris Robbins. 

Warminster Town Council agreed to install a splash pad to replace the paddling pool which was over 70 years old and could no longer be repaired.

The space themed design splash pad includes: The Sun, The Earth, planets, stars and a rocket. The splash pad boasts a number of water features such as a semi-circular area with a sluice gate which will allow children to dam the water to create the paddling area or open the sluice and release the water.

Councillor Chris Robbins said:

“I know this splash pad has been eagerly awaited. It will bring enjoyment to thousands of people every year for many years to come. It is a fantastic addition to the Lake Pleasure Grounds and makes what is already a great park even better.”

“My grandchildren will be amongst those spending time here. They are so excited about using this new facility.”

“This has been a major investment by Warminster Town Council. A considerable part has been paid for by the Dewey Trust and by developers paying the Community Infrastructure Levy. I am delighted that Councillors had the courage to make the bold decision to go ahead with this project. “

Users of the splash pad are reminded children must wear swim nappies. Ordinary nappies must not be worn as these can contaminate the water, bloc filters and require the closure of the splash pad, spoiling the fun for everyone. Swim nappies are available from shops, supermarkets, online or from the Pavilion Café in the Lake Pleasure Grounds.

Similarly, food and drink must not be consumed on the splash pad, there are picnic benches nearby for those who need them. Pets, scooters, bicycles and anything that might damage the safety surface are not allowed.

The Chairman of the Parks and Estate Committee, Councillor Stacie Allensby said:

“The Lake Pleasure Grounds is loved by the people of Warminster. This splash pad will add to the many happy memories created in the park. This is a major investment in the Lake Pleasure Grounds and will enhance them even further. Its central location in the heart of the town will maximise the number of people who will use this wonderful facility.”

“The splash pad will be open for testing on this Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10am to 5pm for those who want a sneak preview. If the weather is nice why not pop down and have a go.”


For more information contact Tom Dommett, Town Clerk, Warminster Town Council, Tel:  01985 214847.  email:

Last modified: 26 May 2022

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