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A walk down memory lane with Her Majesty the Queen at the Civic Centre

11 April 2022

Warminster Town Council will be having a week-long exhibition of your memories of the Queen at the Civic Centre, from Monday 30th May until Saturday 4th June.

In celebration of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Warminster Town Council would love to hear about your experiences and memories of meeting or seeing Her Majesty the Queen.

We are looking, ideally, for photographs of residents, or family members of Warminster and surrounding villages. For example you may have memories of meeting the Queen that you could send into us in print. Or have you been part of one of the Queen’s royal engagements throughout her 70-year reign or even been given a commendation from her, or tell us how she has inspired you?

Whatever you have, we would love to display this at the Civic Centre to share the richness of our Warminster Community.

If you are looking for something to do with your children over the Easter Holiday you could get your children to write, no more than an A4 page, what they would do if they were monarch for the day. These will be displayed along with the photos and memories.

Please mail us by the 13th May at with your memories or pictures clearly labelled with your name, the date and where you met the Queen. You can also drop your photos (copies only please) and memories to us at the Civic Centre in Warminster.

We will include your picture, memories and stories in the exhibition that we hope will take you on a walk through time with our Queen, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Last modified: 11 April 2022

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