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Warminster Town Council: Delivering a brighter, greener future for all

Message from the Mayor of Warminster

6 January 2021

Dear All,

We certainly live in difficult times and now entering into National Lockdown 3 due to the pandemic, normal activities are curtailed again.

Warminster Town Council are once again encouraging local groups, societies, organisations and individuals to rise to the challenge to help as best they can those not so fortunate and isolated.
In the last lock down we saw shopping for food, collections of medicine, phone calls and essential errands carried out by many volunteers, is it that time again?

The council is still available to be contacted by telephone, email or via the website contact form and councillors and staff will try their best to help or suggest where to go for assistance.

To the shops/ businesses forced to close we send our sincere thoughts to you and hope and pray for a swift end to lock down. There are HM Govt websites with information regarding the furlough of staff and the banks are even offering a Covid service advice line.

Please do stay safe by following the Government Guidelines, do watch the news for updates and try to make the best of a very difficult time.

Who would have thought that a mask would become so important and be added to the check list of keys, purse, wallet, brush etc.

Cllr Chris J Robbins,

Last modified: 14 December 2021

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