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Warminster Civic Award Winners 2021

10 January 2022

Warminster Town Council has honoured three people with Civic Awards for 2021. The winners were chosen by the Council and received their awards at a special tea with the Mayor on Friday 7th January. The three winners were: Jean Colgrave – Civic Award, Jamie Scorgie – Junior Civic Award and George Comley – Green Civic Award.

Mayor of Warminster Councillor Steve Jeffries said:

“I was honored to be able to present the Civic Awards to the three worthy recipients at the ceremony on Friday. The Civic Award recognises those individuals who have gone above and beyond, have displayed shining examples of community spirit, and I was delighted that were able to come together and celebrate their achievements.”

“The commitment and enthusiasm shown by all the winners should be applauded and I was really pleased that the Town Council were able to recognise their efforts at the award ceremony.”

The citations for the winners were as follows:

Civic Award Winner 2021 – Jean Colgrave

Jean is the founder member of the Warminster and District Foodbank. The Foodbank has been a lifeline to many residents of Warminster for the past 12 years. Jean has continued volunteering throughout this period, dedicating countless hours of her time. Jean is the central figure in identifying those in need.

Throughout the Covid pandemic, Jean ensured that the Foodbank continued to run as a lifeline to many.

Whilst Jean never seeks accolade or limelight for what she does, she actively encourages others to promote those who also volunteer. This is Jean’s time to shine and we celebrate her success and give honourable thanks to her on behalf of the town of Warminster and those who, at times could not do without this much used resource.

Civic Junior Award Winner 2021 – Jamie Scorgie

Jamie is the youngest ever volunteer and broadcaster for Warminster Community Radio.

Now 13 years old, over the past two years, Jamie has gone from answering the phone to callers on a Saturday to reading the news, to working as a technical operator and mastering the radio software needed for presenting his own show.

He has built up quite a following from across Warminster of those who live in sheltered accommodation to those of his own age group. Jamie recognises that his role in the community is so important to those who may not see, hear from or indeed speak to someone every day. He is adamant that he will do all that he can to support the community in order to combat loneliness.

Civic Green Award Winner 2021 – George Comley

George is 11 years old and a passionate advocate for the environment both on a global and local level. It is his wish that the environment and all its abundant wildlife has the opportunity to thrive and live happily in a clean and safe way, as nature intended. George has been studying his local wildlife for some time, sampling the water in the local river Were to see if it is clean or contaminated.

George has been producing a management plan that would help to encourage a healthy ecosystem and also to help prevent the stream from becoming overgrown and causing flooding further upstream. Recently, George has begun to record test the water quality and that will enable the council to gather data on the effect of the sewerage outflow on the water quality. George takes great pride in in helping his local community and works his hardest to do all in his power, to secure a happy and healthy future for the Were river and all its inhabitants.

Last modified: 10 January 2022

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